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Objectives of the LCTF

As a section of The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) the Forum was formed to provide a source of knowledge, expertise and information on all aspects of lighting column specification, design, manufacture, supply, storage and installation together with many of the associated products, materials and treatments.

As any organisation, the Forum has its own logo, constitution, membership requirements and procedures. It generally meets four times a year with the AGM being the first meeting in the calendar year, allowing the presentation of annual accounts which are also based on the calendar year. Although the Forum is a section of the ILP, it is self-funding with its own Secretary, Treasurer and honorary Chairman.

The six objectives of the Forum are spelt out in the Constitution, but may be summarised as follows:

  1. To collate the industry view on all technical matters relating to lighting columns required to meet British and European Standards together with other widely used specifications such as the Highways Agency Specification.
  2. To enable this information to be communicated appropriately to Standards organisations, User groups, Institutions, the Highways Agency and other organisations with an interest in the lighting column industry.
  3. Where feasible, to provide the necessary links with the above parties.
  4. To provide actual representation on appropriate committees and groups directly, and actively, involved in the industry.
  5. To collect and maintain relevant current data which has a bearing on any aspect covered by the industry and disseminate such information to the membership so as to enhance a uniform standard of service.
  6. To identify, assist and be involved in appropriate areas of research that have a bearing on the industry.