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Passive Safety

Passive Safety

Passive safety of roadside structures features very regularly at present but there does not appear to be an independent source for reliable and complete data.

Obviously there are different opinions and commercial interests that can bias the information being provided.

The Forum attempts to provide factual and unbiased data on this site and now seeks to do this for lighting columns that have been tested for passive safety against the European standards for its members with the future possibility of including non-members.

This site will develop as data becomes available and will take into account new documentation in course of preparation.

The Forum does not verify claims itself but does take reasonable measures by checking certification by authorised bodies and monitoring renewal dates on a regular basis for its members.

The list below indicates companies that manufacture or provide lighting columns that have been tested to the requirements of BS EN 12767:2007 Passive safety of support structures for road equipment; requirements, classification and test methods.

Contact details are available in the Members Directory.

Members with Passive Safety Calibrated Products

Aluminium Lighting Ltd.
Tubular Aluminium, Stepped and Conical; 2 to 12m. See schedule by clicking here.
Certification by Kiwa N. V. for Nedal Aluminium b.v.
View certificate by clicking here.
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CU Phosco Lighting.
Tubular Steel; 8, 10, 12, 15 & 18m nominal height. See schedule by clicking here.
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